Dedicated Server Hosting

Are you considering a dedicated hosting plan for your website? Here’s a quick overview of how dedicated hosting works, along with the top pros and cons of the service. Ideally, this information will help you decide if this type of hosting is a good fit for your needs.  

Have you ever thought about where websites live? Sites on the Web are stored on equipment called servers, which make them accessible to anyone who has an Internet connection. Servers come in a variety of forms, offer a range of options, and are available from many different Web hosting companies around the world. Dedicated server hosting is one of the most popular hosting packages available, but what is it, exactly? And is it right for you?

What Is a Dedicated Web Hosting Service? 

When you choose a dedicated server for your website, you’re essentially getting a machine that exists exclusively to keep your website online. Dedicated servers grant you the ability to manage and use all of the resources available on a server in any way you’d like. This, compared to another popular option, shared Web hosting, which allows several websites to exist simultaneously on a server. Since dedicated servers don’t have to share their resources with others, your website stands to benefit from increased speed while also allowing it to handle more Web traffic without straining the system. 

Pros of Dedicated Hosting

  • Increased performance and reliability since resources aren’t shared with other sites
  • Faster connection speeds and greater accessibility for site visitors
  • Additional layers of security because 
  • Complete control of the servers by users
  • Increased ability to accommodate high traffic without compromising speed

Cons of Dedicated Hosting 

  • More expensive than shared hosting plans
  • Server maintenance can be a pain-point, because users have to perform it themselves 
  • Greater level of technical expertise required
  • Difficult recovery from server crashes, though they are rare

In general, dedicated servers are recommended for websites that need to handle heavy amounts of traffic. For most individuals and small businesses just starting out, shared hosting plans are a safer bet, but upgrading to a dedicated server is always an option.

Now that you know the basics about this type of service, you’re in a better position to decide on the best dedicated server hosting plan for your website.